Changes with the Mishkin 4 Pack!

Changes with the Mishkin 4 Pack!

Based on feedback and popular demand we are now going to be getting some of our popular products casted and molded. After doing our research and due diligence we decided to start with our popular small Mishkin 4 Pack!

Not only are they now in metal for extra durability, but we can confirm the level of quality matches our Resin masters exactly! There are no longer 3D Printing Supports for you to remove, just a little bit of metal flashing to take off.

So, with extra durability and less work for you we know you are thinking how could this possibly get any better? Well we have news for you, the price has also been reduced!!

That's right, we are able to manufacture the products at a lower cost so we have decided to pass that savings onto you!

Head on over to our store page and pick up a set of the Mishkin 4 Pack (or 10 sets, that's fine too).