Miniature Design Contest!

Impact3D is excited to launch their first annual 3D Design & Print Contest. Contest submissions will be accepted July 1st 2018 to August 20th 2018. We will make our decision by September 10th, 2018.

Printing miniatures in high detail resin can be difficult for many artists, but their work is so stunning, it deserves to be printed. Impact3D Printing wants to help.

We are so excited with the Formlabs Form 2 and the striking, high detail miniatures it can print, we wanted to see what the community can create! Our goal is to help one artist (new or experienced) get one of their designs into the real world, and seen by as many people as possible.

Anyone can submit a design in any genre, but we ask that you only submit your best; something worthy of the incredible detail Impact3D Printing and the Form 2 printer can achieve.

Four judges, Ian of the Nerdherders, Craig of the D6 Generation, and Ryan and Dave of Impact3d Printing will review all the entries to find the best among them. The top three entries will be printed by Impact3D, painted by Craig Gallant, and we will select one to be our GRAND PRIZE winner.

The winner will get 5 free prints of your model. If you want, we can help you create castable masters and help you bring your design to market.

Our contest is simple. Design a miniature in any genre and submit it to us for a chance to win (OBJ or STL files are acceptable formats). We will review it and print at 28mm scale.

The miniature will be judged on its "artistic" merit. This will include the uniqueness, composition, inherent story, and "cool" factor. Judges will rank the model on a scale of 1 to 100. The four scores will be tallied and averaged to select the best one. In the unlikely event of a tie, the model will be judged on its "printability" by Ryan as the tie breaker.

Design Constraints:

  • Your design should be an individual miniature
  • It may include a base but no larger than 40mm diameter
  • Base, if used, should be used to support the theme and not overshadow the model
  • We will base any miniature that does not include one if selected for painting
  • It may include additional features, but nothing larger than the miniature itself
  • Our goal is to keep the print reasonable in size and resin cost


As examples:

  • A model on a motorcycle would be too large
  • A model on a horse would be too large
  • A model with a bird on its shoulder is acceptable


If you have questions, ask

Please note that by submitting your design, you extend certain rights to Impact3D. Namely, the right to share your files with the judges, to view them, and to share rendered images of the design on our social media and website. We will not share your printable files outside of Impact3D. We will not resell files or resell printed models without a written agreement with the artist. By submitting a design, you attest your sole ownership of that design. For clarity, our goal in this contest is to promote the services of Impact3D as well as the talent of the 3D artist community.

Submissions can be made to or (preferably both). It is recommended that you share a dedicated Google Drive or Dropbox folder with the design in it. Please don’t name that folder “Impact3D” but your own name or something that distinguishes it from every other submission.