DnD 5e Condition Markers

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Designed for Dungeons and Dragons 5e

  • Set of 20 condition markers covering all DnD 5e status effects. They have a 1/4" inside diameter so you can hang the rings around your miniature's neck, over a weapon, over another protruding feature, or small enough to place at their feet while moving them around the map.
  • Rings are cast in 98% Lead Free Pewter Metal. 
  • There is text on both sides of the rings for easy reading when on the tabletop, no more flipping them over to see what they are!
  • The rings have no flashing or cleanup required, take them out of the bag and use them right away!
  • Rings can be primed and painted to color code the various effects for easy sorting.
  • Includes the following conditions:
    • Blinded, Charmed, Concentration, Cursed, Deafened, Fatigued, Frenzied, Frightened, Grappled, Hexed, Hunters Mark, Incapacitated, Inspired, Paralyzed, Petrified, Poisoned, Raging, Reckless, Restrained, Stunned.
  • Measurements (L x W x H) = 16mm x 16mm x 3mm  (Each Marker)
  • Wizard model not included, only shown for scale.

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